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November 26, 2009



I totally agree with you : barrels maintenance is not very funny (and I experimented the wine geyser too ;-))... We'll experiment it next monday when we'll blend our 14 barrels of 08 vintage... Our cellar seems to be more convenient than yours, but these barrels are on 3 levels. And each barrel weights 40 kg (09 vintage will be aged in 30 barrels, my back already shouts "Stop !!!"). We'll post on our blog to show you this "maintenance". Nevertheless, we are not ready to use "oak chips" instead.

You can add also that a new barrel costs 500 or 600 euros, quite expensive !!! So as you are doing we used only 1 or 2 years barrels and so the wine doesn't look like "oaky water tainted with blackberry juice" but we benefit from the slow "oxygenation".

Hope 09 is going well for you

Denis (Sorry in advance for my english level...)


We only have two barrels at the moment, but we're going for more! Your space setup sounds awful! The barrel-holder structure we use only cost us €300 (second hand) are we're really happy with it, as our space is really restricted too.

todd merkel

What do you use instead of barrels?

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