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November 12, 2009



Awesome write up! The people make the conference, and if you ever miss one we're not sure what we will do! :) Thanks for coming and making it even better...oh and for shaming us into renting a car for a mandatory 4hr drive.

Gabriella Opaz

Thanks Amy for your fantastic post. Although, one must admit, for someone who hasn't really felt a "need" to come to the EWBC for two years running, you're doing an amazing job supporting the cause ;-) Should I just put you on an automatic sign up list for the next decade? :) Have a great weekend!

Andre Ribeirinho

We'll be making the video very soon. Thanks for this wonderful flashback at the Conference. It was great seeing you again! Now we have some La Gramiere wines to taste in an Adegga home made tasting ... :)


I don't understand the point of this article. In Portugal there are around 20 active wine blogs but I don't see any of them here.


Oscar Quevedo

Hi Amy,

I have only found this nice post now. Great to go through these words and remember the fun time we had at the conference. I enjoyed a lot seeing you again and I'm already looking forward to the next time we meet again!

Hi Alberto, actually Quevedo is Portuguese and Adegga.com too!


wine production

you are wines of great taste for your palate about two years ago I was in Europe with the great fortune to know a little more of this culture of wine
and perplexed me with their beauty and freshness
I hope to visit Italy again

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