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September 01, 2009


David McDuff

400 liters per day... now that's low yield farming.


Bon courage pour cette période excitante et fatigante ! Pour nous, cela commencera le 19 septembre. Je regarde avec intérêt vos premières expériences et découvertes avec le vin blanc car c'est un projet que nous avons également pour dans quelques années. Où avez-vous trouvé ce pressoir ? J'en avais vu fonctionner un du même type (peut-être plus petit) qui marchait très bien pour les grappes fraiches.

Good luck !

Carolyn Swenson Lottman

I really enjoy your blog. I am a friend of your mom and dad. Your dad and I grew up across the street from one another in Jolley and went through elementary and high school together. We were very good friends.
I have met you when you were younger. Now you are older and quite a fascinating adult woman with many capabilities. I am happy you have an industrious husband who likes to work with you in this /passionbusiness.
My husband and I like white wine but your wine broker in the San Francisco area doesn't carry any of your whites.
The blog about John Deere was one of my favorite. Nice to see the picture of you and your sister. Of course, I am happy when I see an occasional picture of Joe and Cindy. Please keep the blogs coming. You have writing talent! And you are a farmer. Never have previously known that combination. Carolyn Swenson Lottman, Chatsworth, Ca.

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