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July 31, 2009


steven tillard-amy

The way winery tasting should be -- real and honest.

Tim Stephens

Nice! That's exactly what I look for when I taste wine. (And it's why I tend to actually have more fun tasting in parts of the US that aren't really known for wine.) I was in Napa a few years back and there are plenty of excellent wines being made by folks who are totally under the radar for whatever reason. I've tasted "by appointment" at several kitchen tables with the sink full of dishes. :-) It's much more...romantic, I guess...drinking wine with people of passion rather than a faceless corporate entity. So here's to romance!


Cela fait plaisir de voir que d'autres "multi-actifs" néovignerons s'en sortent, et qu'ils trouvent un public pour partager leurs réalisations et leur passion. J'espère que nous aussi nous aurons l'occasion d'organiser ce genre de rencontres lorsque nous aurons sorti nos premières bouteilles...

En tous cas bravo et bon courage pour les vendanges 2009 !

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