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April 20, 2009



Nice to find the Rosé of Château de Manissy again. I visited the Monks also about some 20 years ago with our oenology-class and was impressed by their rosé - the first I liked, normally I'm more a red-wine lover... Nice to hear tthat they stillexiste, they told us about some difficulties with the nearby autoroute (or was it the TGV line?) - something which made their cellar tremble!

I found an aproaching rosé years later at Château des Estanilles in Faugères, where Louison made a Rosé from Mourvèdre, raised in casks and made to be aged - from time to time I open a bottle - they have this aging potential, I found in the Tavels at the time:-).

Steve Edmunds

Hi, Amy; In 1996, I stayed with my friend Romain Bouchard, in Valréas, for several days, and on the last night we had a big wine dinner and degustation, and began with the last bottle of Romain's 1969 rosé, from his vines there (Grenache, Syrah, and Gamay [!])
It was stunningly good, though beginning to get just a little long in the tooth. And then we had a '68 (horrible year)Tavel Canto Perdrix that was still not bad to drink, though nowhere near as enjoyable as the Valréas.
Steve Edmunds

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