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February 19, 2009


Richard Lillard

Amy; Loved your posting on Castillon du Gard. Iagree, the music was terrible(took me half an hour to figure out how to turn it off) Hope the rain has abated over there. Keep up the good work, I never miss a day.

Your California uncle

Amy Davis

Loved this post - we feel the same way. Have taken many visitors there and every time we find something new and better to discover. Will miss it and you guys.

Gabriella Opaz

It's funny, but if I could drop everything right now, i would most likely go back to being Butterfield and Robinson bicycle guide. There has been nothing quite so romantic, thrilling, exhausting and adventurous as eating, drinking, bicycling and educating a group of 25 visitors throughout the European countryside. Granted, for every incredible experience at a Relais Châteaux hotel, there were always a few bad apples who scared the living crap out of locals with their death defying bicycling tricks in quaint Catalan towns, but it was always worth it. I remember distinctly stumbling across little towns like Castillon du Gard, daydreaming of having a little house there to escape the bustling city life. Sounds like I need another trip soon ;-) Thanks for the great post Amy!

Caroline Green

This is so much fun to come across! My mother sent me the link to this post because they own a place in Castillon - and funnily enough, your second photo shows the back of their house (with the four shuttered windows.) We are headed there in a few weeks and will certainly have a coffee at the cafe. I'm hoping the weather will warm up so we can enjoy the terrace as well :)

Cute Easy Hairstyles

What a beautiful place!! I wish I could fly over to France right now!! I agree that facebook is awesome tool. I just got in touch with my old friends too!

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